Regulation of admission for foreign citizens 2018-2019 (Extract)

To participate in the competition for admission to studies, candidates are required to submit to the Admission Board digital and paper versions of the following documents:

a) Application form;

b) Copy of the national identity document (national passport) valid for not less than one year from entry date on the territory of the Republic of Moldova;

c) Copies of documents of education (Bachelor Diploma or its equivalent, for pre-university or university studies) translated into Romanian, English or Russian, notarized and legalized in the manner established by the authorities of the country (Apostille – for member-states of the Hague Convention, for other countries – stamp of the Foreign Ministry of that country, with further legalization in the General Consular Directorate of the Republic of Moldova);

d) Copy of certificate of proficiency in the required language of studies;

e) Notarized copy of birth certificate;

f) Notarized copy of parental consent for persons under the age of 18;

g) Copy of marriage certificate;

h) Medical certificate that includes the following information:

  • absence of diseases that may endanger public health;
  • absence of diseases incompatible with the status of student;
  • list of vaccinations made;
  • blood group in AB0 and Rh system.

i) Declaration of responsibility for veridity and legality of submitted documents;

j) A digital photo 3 x 4 cm for passport / visa and 2 matt photos 3 x 4 for passport / visa.

Note: Documents mentioned in the clauses c), d), e), f), g), h) must be translated into Romanian, Russian or English and must be notarized in the manner established by the legal authorities of that country.

Copies of documents shall be submitted personally, by authorized persons or by e-mail to the Admission Board (E-mail:

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