rector emil ceban

Interview with rector Emil Ceban: "Doctor and pharmacist are still among the most coveted professions"

Published: 01.06.2022


rector emil ceban

The saying "the right person in the right place" has always reflected a person's achievement in society, and it is largely a matter of professional activity. The decision to pursue a career in the medical or pharmaceutical field may not be the easiest, but it is certainly one that can bring you the greatest satisfaction. It all starts now - with the admission to Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy. And for a start, you need to be well-informed. The person to give the most pertinent answers to questions that might interest you is the rector of the University, university professor Emil Ceban, Habilitated Doctor in medical sciences. 

– Dear Rector, please tell us what kind of institution is today Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy?

– Rector Emil Ceban: Quality, excellence and performance have always defined Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova. During 76 years of activity we have been strictly guided by these values, adding only aspirations and strategic objectives of continuous institutional development based on contemporary requirements. 

Over time, we have demonstrated high standards of teaching medicine and pharmacy pursuant to the principle of in-depth and complex training of health professionals, in line with European standards of medical education.

The environment in which future specialists in medicine and pharmacy study, the quality of teaching-learning-assessment, excellence in research, the University's global prestige, collaborative relationships with external partners, academic mobility, the reputation of professors and researchers, internationalization, access to a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical information resources, etc. are indisputable advantages that place the University in the top of the country’s highly rated institutions.

certificat de acreditare internatională

– Nicolae Testemitanu University is the first and only internationally accredited higher education institution in the Republic of Moldova. How important is the international accreditation certificate for the institution and what facilities do the students and graduates of the University have?

–Through institutional accreditation according to the standards of the World Federation for Medical Education, the University has demonstrated its commitment to quality and excellence in training and research in the field of medicine and pharmacy. The international institutional accreditation certificate is a document much coveted by the university community and is an important achievement both for the image of the institution and for the worldwide recognition of diplomas of University graduates. At the same time, the Faculty of Stomatology is accredited by the Dental Board of California, USA, which allows the admission to studies of citizens of this American state and the recognition of diplomas issued by the University.


Our efforts are focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of educational services, research activity, medical care and professional training of specialists throughout the entire life, etc. Therefore, we tend to develop and diversify curricula and modernize all institutional activities. Now members of the university community are working diligently to obtain the international accreditation of the integrated higher education programs in: Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy. In autumn, the programs will be evaluated by an external commission, in accordance with the standards of the World Federation for Medical Education.

 We are proud that Nicolae Testemitanu University graduates are noticed and appreciated all over the world. At present, the mission of the university community is to maintain the quality of higher medical education in line with international standards in order to be competitive on the education market, to attract as many young people as possible from our country and from other states, and to build an effective healthcare system here.

What new study programs has the University prepared for this year?

– Nicolae Testemitanu University is always concerned with the development of the educational offer in relation to the requirements of society and the national health system, so that our young people have the opportunity to study at home, being with their loved ones. In the last five years, the University has developed and launched four undergraduate programs - Optometry, Nursing, Public Health, Technological Radiology, and one master's program - Molecular Technologies in Health. This year we come up with a new undergraduate program - Physiokinetotherapy and Rehabilitation and three master's programs: Human Nutrition, Clinical Optometry and Public Mental Health. 

I would like to emphasize that all study programs are accredited and authorized at national level by the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research.


What study conditions does the University offer to students?

– Currently, 5702 students from the Republic of Moldova and 35 other countries are studying at our university. The training process takes place in four languages: Romanian, Russian, English and French. Students benefit from modern study and research conditions: classrooms and research laboratories endowed with high-performance equipment. The practical activity of medical students is carried out in 95 university clinics, located in republican and municipal health institutions. Stomatology students have the opportunity to develop their professional skills in two state-of-the-art university dental clinics.

We also have the University Center for Simulation in Medical Training (UCSMT), which implements modern methods of training medical students. At UCSMT, starting with the second year of studies, students gain communication skills with patients and develop the right medical skills with the help of standardized patients and high-fidelity simulators.

The University's Center for Psychological Counseling and Career Guidance provides counseling and support services to help students integrate more easily into university life. It should be mentioned that the University’s infrastructure is in a continuous development and modernization process, so we manage to improve the study and research conditions, to create prospects of professional and personal development for students and other categories of beneficiaries, etc.

– What opportunities for academic mobility do medical students have?

– Being admitted to Nicolae Testemitanu University at one of the study programs, students benefit from a wide range of opportunities - internships, participation in international projects - activities through which they will continuously develop their professional and personal skills. Students with high academic achievement who are fluent in foreign languages ​​have the opportunity to do internships in foreign medical clinics, by enrolling in various international programs that offer them scholarships. These include Erasmus + and Erasmus Mundus - international programs due to which many medical students have fulfilled their dream of going to a foreign country and gaining new knowledge and experience. To this end, the University has signed 88 collaboration agreements with universities and medical institutions from 25 countries. Thus, during the years of study, medical students will have the opportunity to benefit from various training courses, held by renowned foreign professors, academic mobility in specialized foreign institutions, international programs with external funding, etc. This practice has a double advantage: the convenience of studying at home and pursuing European studies and opportunities to study and exchange experiences abroad for a set period of time. We place a special emphasis on the practical skills acquired by students and professors to be applied upon their return at our university.

– What are the options of a young graduate of Nicolae Testemitanu University in the Republic of Moldova?

usmf– Upon completion of their undergraduate studies, alumni can get hired or continue their studies for a master's and doctorate degree. After graduation from an integrated study program such as Medicine, Stomatology or Pharmacy, follows the second stage of professional training - residency, then those passionate about research can continue their studies at the Doctoral School in Health Sciences. However, all graduates of our university are expected to work in local health institutions where there is a major shortage of specialists and nurses. Together we must contribute to improving the quality of healthcare and modernizing the national health system for the benefit of the people. The society we live in today is developing at a fast pace.

 – How do you appreciate the interest of young people to continue their studies at Nicolae Testemitanu University?

Analyzing the data of the 2021 admission, we can notice a great interest in medical specialties. Last year there was an almost double request from young people to continue their studies at Nicolae Testemitanu University: over 1500 files for 885 places launched in the competition. This shows that doctor and pharmacist professions continue to be appreciated and sought after, and even the pandemic caused by the new type of coronavirus hasn’t discouraged applicants from building a career in this field.

At this stage, we are certain that mainly determined, intelligent, selfless and empathetic young people choose Nicolae Testemitanu University. As I have already said, the best high school and medical college graduates come to our university and over the years show academic achievements both in the study process and in research activity. It goes without saying: to become a good doctor or pharmacist, you need to have the ability to learn. Or, Medicine is also famous for the fact that here you learn a lot and in depth… Therefore, those who choose Medicine, Stomatology, Pharmacy, etc., from the beginning are aware that their professional choice involves a lot of work, sacrifice, dedication and responsibility.

admitere 2022

How will the competition for admission to higher education at Nicolae Testemitanu University take place this year?

– In the last two years, the pandemic conditions have forced us to carry out online the admission process, which is why we have developed the platform that has fully demonstrated its efficiency. For candidates, it is a very convenient way to register for the first stage of the competition, without coming to our university, and we avoid the formation of large queues of young people eager to submit documents to the Admissions Commission. As a result, most likely, this year we will initially accept the online application and submittal of necessary documents, then the candidates who want to participate in the final admission competition will have to submit the original documents.

In general, the admission competition is organized according to the normative acts in force. At the moment we do not have data on the terms of organization and conduct of admission and the number of budget places, planned for higher medical and pharmaceutical studies. However, we ask young people to follow the University's website at the Admission 2022 section (, where all the necessary information regarding the educational offer for the academic year 2022-2023, the Admission Regulations and all details on the organization and conduct of the enrollment process at our university will be placed on regular basis.

What message would you like to convey to the future students?

– Dear young people, it is known that every person has a calling in this world… And, based on the great truth that the most advantageous investment is in education, I encourage you to pursue your aspirations and put all your effort and energy into succeeding in life. By all means, the specialty in which you decide to invest today will bring you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction tomorrow. 

We don't really need to convince you, as the nobility and prestige of the professions of doctor, dentist, pharmacist, public health specialist, nurse, optometrist, radiologist or physiotherapist speak for themselves, and you will certainly make the best choice.

Capitalize on your intellectual abilities by choosing one of the study programs offered by Nicolae Testemitanu University, so you will become the representatives of noble professions and of an elite community, you will be the ones who will take care of people's health, you will alleviate pain and bring back, directly, their hope for tomorrow!

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