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University Senate approves activity priorities for new academic year

Published: 02.09.2021


Rector Emil Ceban

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova has set out its objectives for the new academic year 2021-2022. On August 26, members of the Senate together with the heads of subdivisions held an extended ordinary meeting to approve the directions of University’s activity in 2021-2022 pursuant to Nicolae Testemitanu University Strategic Development Plan for the period 2021-2030.

At the opening of the meeting, Professor Emil Ceban, Rector of the University, has stressed that the fall semester of the new academic year will start in accordance with the rules imposed by authorities, given the restrictions dictated by the difficult epidemiological situation caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus.

In other news, the rector spoke to the audience about Nicolae Testemitanu University Strategic Development Plan for 2021-2030, noting that a university commission, approved by the Senate, participated in the development of this document. ”The plan is expected to be implemented over a period of ten years, during which we intend to reinforce all institutional processes in order to successfully achieve our objectives by the established deadlines. It is normal that undergraduate and postgraduate training remains the main field of University’s activity”, emphasized Professor Ceban.

Subsequently, vice-rectors responsible for activity areas have tackled specific objectives of the university community and measures to be taken this academic year.

Olga Cernețchi

First Vice-Rector Olga Cernetchi, Vice-Rector for Didactic Activity, described the organization of training in the new academic year, mentioning that, from September 1, 2021, all medical students would attend in-person seminars, practical and laboratory classes in compulsory subjects. Lectures in all compulsory subjects, all forms of training in optional and free choice subjects, catch-up hours and teacher consultations, including on bachelor's theses, all teaching activities under Disaster Medicine discipline for all programs and all years of studies will be provided online, by using the University Management Information System (UMIS). Furthermore, the teaching subdivisions will conduct various forms of training at all levels of education: Bachelor's degree studies (cycle I) – for Optometry, Nursing, Public Health and Radiological Technology programs; integrated higher education (cycle I + cycle II) – for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy programs; postgraduate studies by residency; continuing medical and pharmaceutical education.

First Vice-Rector mentioned that as a result of curricular reforms, the curricula for Medicine and Pharmacy faculties were updated, and the duration of the study semester was reduced from 17 to 15 weeks. To ensure the smooth running of online lessons, this year licenses have been purchased for the organization of virtual lessons for groups of up to 600 people. During the meeting, senators approved the Academic Calendar 2021-2022.


The Vice-Rector has also revealed a series of priorities, including the need to update and implement the provisions of the Regulation on the Standardization of Scientific and Didactic Activity at the University and the Teacher’s Individual Activity Plan for didactic, methodical, scientific and curative areas, including the supply of textbooks and instructive-methodical materials for the educational process related to the disciplines included in the curricula of all study programs, in all teaching languages. ”We are responsible for providing high quality educational services with a view to preparing future doctors, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, nurses with higher education, radiologists and public health specialists for the national health system”, stated First Vice-Rector Olga Cernetchi.

In his turn, academician Stanislav Groppa, Vice-Rector for Research, spoke about achievements and future prospects in the research area, highlighting that the implementation of the Strategic Plan constituted the obligation and responsibility of each university community member and subdivision. The continuous improvement and development of research activity at the University represents one of the strategic priorities. Information system in research objectives reside in the regular monitoring of research results, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of scientific research and identification of excellence groups, which will help increase the visibility of Nicolae Testemitanu University.

Education through research motto implies a more efficient communication, increasing the visibility of students 'research activities and their coordination by scientific and teaching staff, mobilizing students' participation in national and international scientific events, their involvement in research and innovation projects, dynamic functioning of students’ scientific circles, etc. ”Only through joint efforts and dedication can we ensure the success in the field of research and innovation at Nicolae Testemitanu University”, concluded academician Groppa.

Valeriu Revenco

The action plan in the clinical area for the new academic year was presented by Professor Valeriu Revenco, Vice-Rector for Clinical Activity and Residency, who reiterated the need to vaccinate the entire university community in order to successfully conduct clinical training, with the presence of students and resident doctors at the University’s clinical bases, located in healthcare institutions.

The vice-rector has also mentioned the upcoming 2021-2022 Residency Application Contest, specifying some actions aimed at promoting specialties for residency studies, including the updating of the Nomenclature of specialties for postgraduate training through residency in line with European Union standards.

Associate Professor Marcel Abras, Vice-Rector for Social Activity, outlined some extracurricular actions to be carried out in the new academic year. ”With the involvement of the Association of Medical Students and Residents, we will organize various extracurricular and social activities that will enhance the skills of medical students and, last but not least, some volunteer actions. The most important international event for medical students is MedEspera 2022 Congress, the ninth edition, scheduled for May, next year”, underlined vice-rector. At the same time, the Associate Professor spoke about the need for the major overhaul of hostels No. 1 and No. 2, as well as of Hostel No. 16, intended for specialists enrolled in continuing medical education.

Victoria Cravet, Vice-Rector for Financial Activity, presented to the audience the basic objective of ensuring a financial balance that would cover the costs for the proper functioning of the University, referring to investments planned for a transparent development and modernization, in an entrepreneurial style, with a focus on activity efficiency. ”We also intend to increase budget funds by diversifying curricula, as well as to improve the performance indicators underlying budget funding. All the measures proposed for the current academic year will lead to the achievement of the proposed objectives and to the implementation of the Strategic Plan”, the vice-rector pointed out.

In conclusion, Rector Emil Ceban mentioned that all areas of activity were important and required the active involvement of all University employees. ”I still rely on an effective collaboration of all university subdivisions to achieve the proposed objectives. We are open to proposals for improving university life for the benefit of the entire community. Our common goal is to increase the quality of higher medical and pharmaceutical education, to align training and research with European standards and to prepare competitive specialists for the international labor market”, concluded the rector.

More photos from the University Senate meeting of August 26, 2021 are available in the album placed on the University’s Facebook page at:


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